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Manufacturers of Activated Carbon in India

We are the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters of activated carbon India that appears black in color and granular in nature. Being trusted activated carbon manufacturers in India, our products are always manufactured using high quality raw materials and based on international quality standards. They are immensely popular in market due to its purity levels and quality parameters. When it is added into water, it eliminates excessive chlorine, unpleasant odor and other harmful sediments. Activated carbon India has wider surface area and amazing capacity to absorb impurities and other harmful content.

They are good to reduce impurities and assure pleasant taste for customers. Our products are always tested on various quality parameters that make us most reliable activated carbon manufacturers in India. Clients have flexibility to avail all of these products with us at industry leading prices.

Activated carbon is special form of Carbon that is processed under controlled oxidation process to form porous carbon structure. If carbon is not structured carefully then it may result into wide pore sizes that are clearly visible. The perfectly sized carbon has larger surface area that has capability to absorb different compounds quickly. The activated carbon has highest volume and remarkable absorbing capacity. For example, 5gm of activated carbon has surface area of football field.

Activated carbon is prepared from special substances having high carbon content like coal, wood or coconut shells etc. This is true that raw material has huge impact on characteristics and performance of product. It also affects capacity of absorbing different compounds based on requirement. Activated carbon India is divided into three forms mainly – Granular, Pelleted and powdered form. Size or characteristics of product may vary based on category or carbon grade.

Indian Activate Carbon Structure

According to Activate carbon manufacturers, it is divided into three major categories – Micro pores, Meso pores, and Macro pores. The most of the surface area of activate carbon is composed of small micro pores or meso pores regions.

Small pores less than one nano meters are always considered more effective in absorbing different compounds. They are generally used to trap gas molecules or liquid phase apps. At the same, Meso pores are suitable to consume large molecular species.

Physical characteristics of activated carbon India

  • This is generally hard and easy to handle that increases overall durability of product.
  • Activated carbon has high density that effect absorption capacity eventually.
  • The quality of activated carbon also depends on ash content. Lower the ash content; better will be the quality of product.
  • The moisture content in activated carbon is low from three to six percent only.
  • PH value of any product depends on its acidic or basic properties. If coconut shell is used as raw material for preparing activated carbon then pH value lies between nine and eleven.
  • The particle size for carbon may vary depends on different categories and raw materials used.

  • Being reputed Activated carbon manufacturers, we always use high quality raw materials to prepare activated carbon based on customer needs and requirements. TO know more on product and its characteristics, you should contact expert team now.