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Unexpected Uses for Activated Carbon

Unexpectations sometimes bring more happiness than expected things. We get more excited when we get something out of nowhere or from where we are least expecting.

Best Health uses of Boric Acid

We all are familiar with the name of Boric acid as we all have used it in our childhood and some even uses today. Wondering why was it used?

Activated Carbon India – Natural detoxifier with amazing health benefits!

Activated charcoal isn’t anything new. Old medical books and historical accounts report it’s been used as far back to the times of Hippocrates and Pliny.

Methylene Dichloride – Common uses, properties and safety details

Methylene Dichloride is slight sweet in nature that smells like organic solvent and poses various safety risks if not consumed as per the instruction given by the experts.

Different types of Activated carbon for your special industry applications

Activated carbon is available in different forms and shapes to suit special industry applications. You just have to know the different between them and their popular industry applications.

Interesting facts about Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron, which is widely used as an antiseptic, insecticide, neutron absorber, or a precursor to other chemical compounds.

Defoamer uses for oil suppression and water based foams

Defoamer is also known as anti foaming agent or chemical agent that restricts foam formation and also used for oil suppression. It is made up of unique active ingredients and excellent foam controller with drainage enhancement.

Hyflowsupercel manufacturers - Good distribution practices for Pharmaceutical excipients

Each pharmaceutical product has to be manufactured as per European standards and regulations. Further, they have to pass through GMP standards before their distribution into global market.

General fact about boric acid and how to apply boric powder to the face

Boric acid also known as borax when used commercially helps in clearing acnes and other skin problems.

Use of activate carbon instead of potassium

You can freely use activated carbon instead of potassium especially in case of water or air purifiers. Activated carbon has excellent life span, good image capacity and desirable chemical properties.

Best insect killer Boric Acid for termites and ants

Boric acid is a white powder that is used to treat pest infestation for many years. It is best insect killer and very effective to controlling cockroaches, termites and ants.

List out use of Methylene Dichloride in food and Pharma industry

When TSCA (Toxic substance control act) was enacted in 1976, this was intended that chemicals are 100 percent safe in use and they can be used anywhere throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Uses of Mono chloro benzene in chemical industry

Mono chloro benzene is popular organic compound in chemical industry with various benefits and uses. This is colorless liquid with flammable touch and other chemical properties inside.

Defoamer manufacturers as an antifoaming agent for petroleum or gas industry

Deformer agent is widely utilized for petroleum, gas or other harsh system for the objective of bubble elimination.

10 Best applications of Activated carbon India

Activated Carbon is good to trap harmful chemicals or toxins inside body so that they should not be absorbed by us. Activated carbon can be made from different natural sources mainly coconut shell.

Guideline for Methylene Dichloride manufacturers to minimize worker exposure

Methylene Dichloride (MC) is solvent material and highly volatile in nature. It can also be used with pharmaceutical industries as extracting agent with remarkable solvent properties.