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10 Best applications of Activated carbon India

Activated Carbon is good to trap harmful chemicals or toxins inside body so that they should not be absorbed by us. Activated carbon can be made from different natural sources mainly coconut shell. This is highly safe and effective in use. It can be used to lower down cholesterol, reduces bloating, effective for pregnant women and prevents hangovers.

Top 10 Uses of activated carbon India

  • It whitens your teeth by balancing pH content inside your mouth and helps in preventing tooth decay or cavities. This brings natural smile on your face and also cost effective in nature. For effective results, dip the toothbrush inside powdered charcoal and brush normally especially at the areas where staining is most common.

    Also rinse your moth well thoroughly with activated charcoal and split outside for fresh and clear breath. For best results, same process should be repeated two or three times every week.
  • Activated charcoal is generally overlooked for alleviating unwanted gas or bloating. It binds harmful byproducts together that causes discomfort.
  • It contributes in preventing alcohol poisoning and hangovers. Activated carbon India does not absorbs alcohol but it absorbs other toxins consumed altogether.
  • It helps in mold cleansing that are not visible to naked eyes but resides inside walls and it may grow severe in future.
  • The other common use of active charcoal is water filtration to make it more suitable for drinking by trapping bacteria or viruses.
  • The next best use of charcoal is toxin removal or chemical elimination to make you healthier and fit. It also handles nausea or diarrhea due to drug overdose or food poisoning.
  • Active charcoal heals overall skin condition, insect bites, rashes or other body ache conditions. It covers large area on your body with small bandage wrapping.
  • It cleans your intestines and improves overall digestive system. It heals complete health conditions and increases mental functions.
  • Active charcoal also works as anti aging substance and prevents cellular or kidney damage.
  • Activated carbon has the capability to deal with high cholesterol issues effectively. It makes good balance between good and bad cholesterol.

The activated charcoal has porous surface and charged negatively that attracts positively charged gas or toxins to bond them. The product is generally prepared through heating process and it should always be consumed carefully.

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