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Best insect killer Boric Acid for termites and ants

Boric acid is a white powder that is used to treat pest infestation for many years. It is best insect killer and very effective to controlling cockroaches, termites and ants. Boric acid is not as active as specific, and professionally execution methods, it can be valuable when it mix with another chemicals. It is active element for numerous termite treatments and these type of development is put on wood or outsides of wood, if termites simply crawling in it they will be controlled.

We are boric acid manufacturers and we advise you that often used of acid is to destroy pests and many other industrial use. Boric acid is weak that often comes in colorless powder that can be melted in water. Boric acid does kill termites and it is one of the most effective conducts to do. It stops the nervous system and dehydrates termites. It is required to take the proper steps to care for your house from termites and if they have already criticized your assets, clear your home of them instantly. Termite’s regime contains of dead floras and trees and unused place of living. Termites length only a few millimeters but they are able to affect or create great damage to wood.

Identification of termites –
How to identify termites is, first you have to decide the type of termites that you are deal with. Usually there are two types of termites and that will be troubled about on business and residential property. Both types is causes different problems.

  • Dry wood Termites – Termites live in small clusters that are locating in dry wood. They are always seen in humid regions. Dry wood termite may occurred in furniture before you have to buy them check once. Dry wood loss is usually across the grain is totally unseen.
  • Subterranean termites – Subterranean termites always found clusters in the dirt and also able to enter in homes but typically through the base or nearby construction. It is more difficult to find than dry wood termites. It may exposed wood in the external of your home.

Boric acid is safe for humans?
Boric acid can be very unsafe to human being. It may requires a lot of it for a deadly dose, but there are some side effects to use boric acid. Many of the insect killer contain boric acid will contains a sweetener such as sugar to attract the pests. These should be stored in safe place and use well away from animals and children’s.

Another Usages of Boric Acid
Apart from monitoring pests boric acid has many other uses. It is often used in medical industry such as an antiseptic and eye wash. Another use is to preserve wood and plants. If want to buy boric acid then we will always help you to give best advice. We are boric acid manufacturers and supplier with best quality standards and make sure that each and every delivery is on time.

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