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Defoamer manufacturers as an antifoaming agent for petroleum or gas industry

Deformer agent is widely utilized for petroleum, gas or other harsh system for the objective of bubble elimination. It solves the problem of bubble elimination at high temperature or pressure for optimized production.

Oil Drilling Mud
During the escape of nature gas through layer, foam will formed in the mud to make it stabilize. This would not let the mud break down in pieces and loop formation in well. When too much surfactant added to the mud then it may affect its final stability. This is the reason why defoamer agent is added to oil drilling mud for most effective outcomes.

Oil Cementing Slurry
When oil and cement is mixed together to form slurry then it results into bubble formation and affects overall quality of the mixture. The defoamer manufacturers add some stabilizer into slurry for bubble prevention and to increase its overall strength and quality.

Separating Oil-Gas and Oil-Water
In the underground mining, when pressure goes below natural gas pressure then it results into formation of precipitate and bubbles further. This is necessary to add some stabilizer to affect overall quality of separation process.

Delayed coking
If we talk about the delayed cooling device then ample of foam can be seen quickly by cracking raw materials at high temperature. Here, bubble may overload inside gas or oil and it may also affect the tower processing. Further, it will increase production capacity too.

Mining process
Defoamer agents also need to be added for mining process like decarbonization and phosphorite etc. Defoamer manufacturers had better idea how to use it and increases overall production of your business. The uses of defoamer agent are just the endless; you just need to know how to use it in your favor.

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