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Interesting Facts About Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron, which is widely used as an antiseptic, insecticide, neutron absorber, or a precursor to other chemical compounds.

The chemical formula for Boric Acid is H3BO3 and exists as colorless crystals or simply a white powder.

Below are some interesting facts about Boric Acid you may have never thought of:

1. Boric acid could be there on your television screens!
Yes! Boric acid is often used to make high tech LCD panel displays because it enhances the properties of the glass under extreme conditions. Thereby resulting in a better quality product.

2. Boric acid is consumed by humans on a daily basis!
There is nothing to be worried about. Boric acid is naturally present in fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables but you wont be able to tell their presence. They are colorless and odorless, and essentially tasteless.

3. Boric acid has many medicinal uses
Boric acid is widely used as an antiseptic for minor injuries. It has an antibacterial quality that helps treat pimples, acne, pink eye, and also prevent the athlete’s foot. It not only kills bacteria, but also acts as an insecticide. Very diluted boric acid solution can be used as eyewash as well!

4. Boric acid increases resistance in glass
Adding boric acid while manufacturing enhances Heat resistant glassware, fiberglass, and halogen bulbs. It helps increase the temperature resistance of the glass, making it a more durable product.

5. Silly Putty contains Boric Acid!
Can you believe that? When boric acid is added to silicone oil, you get the awesome toy Silly Putty. It is technically a fluid, who would’ve thought!

What happens when Boric Acid enters your body?
Boric acid rapidly absorbs into the body if consumed. Studies with workers and animals have shown that boric acid can also be absorbed if inhaled. The majority of boric acid consumed in eliminated through the urine within 4 days.

Boric Acid can be exported for industrial uses from all parts of the country. There are different grades of Boric Acid for different uses and you must research well before your purchase.

They are also available in small quantities at local chemical shops and are priced based on quantity. There are experienced and trustworthy Boric Acid manufacturers and exporters who have been manufacturing, supplying, and dealing with a vast array of Boric Acid. Their experienced professionals process these chemicals using excellent quality of ingredients that are sourced from trusted vendors in the market. They ensure timely delivery of the consignments and according to your requirements.

The best way to judge good Boric Acid is that it is colorless, odorless, and shiny white crystalline powder.

Boric Acid has multiple uses, both industrial and personal. It is important to check quantities before using boric acid or boric acid solution because too much of any chemical can be dangerous.

Boric Acid can also be used in household chores such as cleaning and sterilizing. So next time you’re having trouble scrubbing off stains in your kitchen sink, head out and grab a small bag of boric acid, and clean away!

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