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General fact about boric acid and how to apply boric powder to the face

Boric acid also known as borax when used commercially helps in clearing acnes and other skin problems. The acid has anti bacterial properties that helps in reducing bacteria on to infected areas and reduces amount of scars as well. Additionally, you should know how much amount of boric acid should be applied on to your face otherwise it may result into drastic facial scarring.

How to use product – Tips by leading boric acid exporters in India
You need to mix glycerin, water and boric acid together to form a consistent mixture. Once paste is ready, it should be directly applied on to your face evenly to reduce acne or face scarring. The paste should be applied in the form of mask when it is dry remove the paste with warm water.

Boric acid treats yeast infection naturally
Besides, skin problem boric acid is good for treatment of yeast infection too. This is taken as one of the most effective styles for treatment of yeast infection in pretty natural way. Fungus is normally present in our body in small amount only and it affects sensitive areas on priority. Vagina is most sensitive area that responds to any environmental changes quickly. When fungus count increases in our body then it disturbs blood circulation and balance between good and bad bacteria.

Sometimes yeast infection may trigger inside body due to poor diet, stress or improper medications. It may happen due to recurrent use of anti bacteria as well. Here, you should use most natural healing treatment to prevent over growth of bacteria. No doubt, boric acid just work amazingly without causing any side effects.

Boric acid is old home remedy that is used by people since ancient time. Boric acid exporters in India have made the use of acid wider and relevant to various applications.

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