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Guideline for Methylene Dichloride manufacturers to minimize worker exposure

Methylene Dichloride (MC) is solvent material and highly volatile in nature. It can also be used with pharmaceutical industries as extracting agent with remarkable solvent properties. MC is colorless in appearance and smells like chloroform. This is easily soluble in water and organic in properties. This may be hazardous for health when comes in contact with eyes or skin. It also affects body when swallowed.

Exposure effects by Methylene Dichloride manufacturers in India

  • Short term exposure – When MC is inhaled in access then it may create mental confusion, nausea, headache, eye irritation, vomiting or unconsciousness etc. In extreme cases, it may lead to workers’ death. This is also dangerous for respiratory tract. Skin exposure is also harmful that may cause skin burns or other skin problems.
  • Long-term (chronic) exposure - When workers have to work continuously under exposure of MC then it may lead cancer, tumor or lung damage etc. So, workers have to extra protection when working under MC radiations for longer hours.

Preventive Measures
The employer is required to give you correct details on exposure and preventive measures or instructions that should be followed by employees at the work places. There are necessary equipments also available that should given by employer to give maximum protection.

Employer need to keep full record about exposure and number of employees affected by the radiations. Also, you should go for frequent medical checkups of employees that are exposed to MC and maintain details properly.

This is the responsibility of employer to inform you about correct preventive measures and best actions against exposure. They will also help you in taking actions when you are exposed to MC for longer hours repeatedly.

Methylene Dichloride manufacturers also give full details on its used and side effects. This list has been prepared by experts after careful research and observations only. Product has to go through several medical examinations before it is used practically.

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