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Best Health uses of Boric Acid

We all are familiar with the name of Boric acid as we all have used it in our childhood and some even uses today. Wondering why was it used? Yes many of you have recalled it from your memory and remembered our glorious childhood days of playing carom with our relatives and friends and using boric acid while playing carom to get slipperiness. It’s quite amazing that even after using boric acid multiple times we don’t know its other uses also. Boric acid has numerous health benefits with which we are unaware of. In this blog we will describe in detail the health uses of boric acid. Before discussing the health benefits of boric acid lets understand what boric acid means.

• What Is Boric Acid?
Boric acid is a white powdery substance with its chemical formula being H3BO3. It is mostly used as antiseptic and also comes handy as insecticides.

• What Are the Health Uses of Boric Acid?
1) Antiseptic: Boric acid is widely used as antiseptic powder and can be effective in cuts and wounds. Many vaginal hygiene creams are based on boric acids. It is also used in curing athlete’s feet as they are generally sprinkled in the running shoes of athlete’s to avoid slipping and curing feet due to moisture caused by extensive sweating. Boric acid avoids stinking of feet as well.

2) Eye Care: You must be wondering eyes care with boric acid but yes it’s true that boric acid is also used in curing many eye related problems such as eye infections, eye irritations and etc. Major Pharma companies use boric acids in their eye drops and the same is mentioned in the ingredients list.

3) Skin Care: Girls would be happy interested. Boric acid prevents from pimples and also cures them. Many top Pharmaceuticals uses boric acid as their main ingredient while manufacturing face washes and anti-acne creams. It is also used in fairness creams. Boric acid can be used with effectiveness by all types of skin no matter whether you have dry, normal or an oily skin.

4) Pesticides: This won’t come as a surprise as many of us know about this feature of boric acid. Boric acid acts as anti-rodents because it helps in keeping away all the pests from your place. Its effect causes itching on pests and it powdery effect makes them uncomfortable as it gets inhaled. These properties of boric acid make it a wonder product in household.

With uses come precautions as every product has both positive and negative effects.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Boric Acid?
1) Using any medical product without proper prescription can land you in life threatening position. Use boric acid as per prescribed and don’t become doctor yourself.
2) Swallowing boric acid can lead to death as it can choke you. Do not use it directly on cuts or wounds as it can further agitate the problem.
3) Boric acid should be avoided completely in pregnancy it is highly fatal for both mother and the foetus.
4) If someone is wearing contact lenses then he/she should avoid washing their eyes with boric acid diluted water as it cause irritation in eyes and can cause blindness.

In any of the above cases immediately seek for appropriate medical treatments.
Boric acid manufactures has wide area of market to deal with and has to manufacture with constant flow. Indian Boric acid manufactures takes all the necessary precautions while manufacturing boric acid as it can be really harmful for the workers working in the factory as regular inhaling can cause to failure of lungs. Boric acid is an all-rounder chemical which is has a very wide use. It can both be beneficial if used wisely and harmful if used casually. Any chemical substance should be kept away from children and only be used as per prescriptions.

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