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Different types of Activated carbon for your special industry applications

Activated carbon is available in different forms and shapes to suit special industry applications. You just have to know the different between them and their popular industry applications. In this blog, we will discuss most popular types of activated carbon and how they can be beneficial for you.

1) Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
GAC is irregular shaped particle that are manufactured by the process of sieving, and milling. They can be availed in variable sizes from 0.2 mm to 5 mm. They have long lasting features, hard in nature and more preferable type than powdered activated carbon. They can be produced in large volume and easy to clean and handle. The consistent quality of GAC makes them preferable over other. Further it can be used multiple times for both gas and liquid based apps for fixed and moving systems.

For liquid systems, granular carbon particles are packed in column through which material flows. They are used when single product is refined and produce continuously in large batches. For gas applications, GAC are considered more beneficial than normal ones. They can be accepted in drop form through carbon bed.

2) Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
PAC has different size distribution from 5 to 150 mm. They are finer grade particles and widely popular in market. The main advantages of powdered activated carbon (PAC) include low processing costs, flexible operations, excellent quality parameters etc. The amount or dosage of PAC can be quickly increased or decreased as per project needs or demands. They can be used either for liquid phase absorption or gas absorption. They are used in batch process and can be reused whenever necessary. Activated carbon manufacturers know how to use powdered or granule particle in their favor.

3) Extruded carbon
Last popular type is extruded carbon whose diameter range from 1mm to 5mm. This is hard metal that is pretty much suitable for heavy duty apps. This is popular for gas based apps and able to bear high stock resistance. They have the capability to last long up to entire vehicle life. TO know more about the product, you should discuss with manufacturers of Activated carbon in India to get idea on popular category that suits your project requirements the most.

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