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Use of activate carbon instead of potassium

You can freely use activated carbon instead of potassium especially in case of water or air purifiers. Activated carbon has excellent life span, good image capacity and desirable chemical properties. Activated carbon is highly porous material that absorbs contaminants quickly and impurities get trapped inside the surface.

Activated carbon is processed either through gas treatment or chemical treatment to suit variety of applications. In most of the cases, they require one active agent to accelerate the carbonization process. The properties of metal generally depend on raw material that was used for product preparation and conditions for activation process.

The temperature that is used for activated carbon preparation should vary from 600 to 900 degree Celsius. In case suitable chemical agent is not added to carbon material then it may result into product explosion or wrong preparation of product. In case, final product is not porous as required then there is no use of activated carbon inside water or air filters.

Activate carbon India – Manufacturing Process and carbonization

When carbon reacts with sulphur at temperature less than 200 degree Celsius then carbon shows poor absorption properties. There are cases when corrosion problems may also occur within equipment or it is pulled with zinc salts. If it happens then it is just impossible to remove zinc salts from the mixture. Leading activated carbon manufacturers have derived working processes to produce highly porous carbon with maximum absorbent properties. The processes are derived after continuous research and testing. The manufacturers make sure that activated carbon produced with most technical processes is highly optimal in use with water or air filters.

Different activated carbon manufacturers add different chemicals to prepare porous product as per client needs or requirements. To know more about the product and to get custom specifications for the same, you should contact leading manufacturers or suppliers right away.

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