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Unexpected Uses for Activated Carbon

Unexpectations sometimes bring more happiness than expected things. We get more excited when we get something out of nowhere or from where we are least expecting. Same explanation can be related to activated carbon. However activated carbons have its own purpose and importance as they are mainly used for removing of chemicals, toxins and purifying water. Activated carbons are also known as activated charcoal and abbreviated as (AC).

Unexpected uses of Activated Carbons

Filtration: Effluent and contaminated water streams are passed through these activated carbons so that all the all the wastage and harmful vapours removes from water. Many pollutants get away with use of other process but with efficient use of activated carbons there is no chance that any contamination remains and passes after the process is done.

Skin Care: Activated carbons are mostly used in face washes and cleansing lotions as they seep inside the skin and helps in bringing out the real glow on the face. Major Pharma companies are using activated carbons in their products are aggressively marketing keeping activated carbons to be the highlight of their advertisement.

Dental Care: Activated carbon manufacturers usually use them in dental creams and tooth pastes. Our ancestors too used charcoal for cleaning of teeth. Its advanced version in form advanced carbons is now used by some brands.

Remedy: Advance carbons are also used in home based remedies. Advanced charcoal can be rubbed at the place of mosquito or insect bite to prevent the affected area with swelling. It also helps in taking out the insect flagellomere from the affected area.

Controlling Cholesterol: Activated carbons also help in controlling cholesterol and keeping your heart. Activated carbon manufactures are also targeting to produce heart friendly cooking oils. Many doctors prescribe cooking oils enriched with activated carbons as they are healthy for body and doesn’t contains trans-fat which leads to many heart diseases.

Curing Hangovers: There you go! For all your strong drinkers advanced carbons based drinks can cure you from your previous night hangovers. Activated carbon based drinks helps in removing harmful toxins which are responsible for being in status of hangover.
Natural based minerals are always helpful for mankind and it is always up to us that how we take advantage from them. It is also necessary for proper transformation before using such natural substances as one can’t identify the status of the natural products. Due to these reasons there are some side effects of these activated carbons.

• Side Effects of Activated Carbons Constipation: Constipation is the biggest side effects of activated carbons. Having activated carbons alongside any other prescription leads to constipation, as activated carbons includes magnesium therefore it results in this problem.

Overdose: Sometimes it’s a myth that eating anything natural doesn’t causes any problem however it is universal truth that anything used beyond a limit causes problem therefore using of natural products also comes in same bracket. As taking overdose of activated carbons leads to many deficiencies.

Activated carbon manufacturers provide mankind with nature’s gift which over the period of time man forgot. With advancement in technology the world is yet to witness many such hidden treasures from nature’s wealth. These natural minerals are wisely inculcated in modern products by Indian Activated carbon manufacturers as they met hands with many Pharmaceutical companies so that they may process these natural minerals and transform them in daily products so that they may be used easily and efficiently.

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